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Take the hard work out and put the fun in. An oil based spice blend to add some oomph in two teaspoons - rub on meat, stir into veggies or spice up your fish.

Japanese style Spice Shot

Japanese style
Spice Shot

Blend of onion, pepper and garlic for that umami Japanese style oomph. Stir me. Fry me. Simmer me.

Kansas City BBQ Spice Shot

Kansas City BBQ
Spice Shot

Made with tomato, honey and spices with the added kick of fiery chilli. Grill me. Roast me. BBQ me.

Lebanese Style Spice Shot

Lebanese Style
Spice Shot

Created with onion, garlic, pepper and the zesty zing of lemon. Mix me. Stew Me. Sizzle Me.